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AXISSOFT consider customer’s safety as our first-priority.

AXISSOFT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘company) regards your personal information as important, and observes the law regarding “the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information”. We will give you how to, in which manner to use your provided personal information, and which action is taken measures through protection of personal information. We will notify you by notice section in website (or individual) in case that there is revision of privacy statements. 1. Personal information item to collect and methods 1) Personal information item to collect ① We collect the following personal information to sign, offer smooth consulting, and provide various service when you register for membership at the first. Identification information from recognized institution, Name, Gender, Birth date, ID , Connection logs, Cookie, IP information, Contact(Phone number), E-mail, Reception yes or no(SMS, E-mail) Identification, member management, Order reference, Service reference, Event ① Until leave member (Following relevant laws and regulations) ② The following information will be automatically created and collected during using service. - IP Address, Cookie, Visiting date and time, OS type, Browser type, service using history, faulty using history, Log-in information with mobile device, Mobile OS type, Mobile device type ③ The following information will be collected only for the users who agree on using supplementary service and customized service and at the event. - When we receive an agreement on collecting additional personal information, 2) How to collect personal information ① Homepage (Sign membership, Board), Written form ② Membership information revision, offer from partner, enter for an event and presentation ③ Consultation (Phone, e-mail), Customer center, Q&A, Delivery request 2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information We use collected personal information for the following purposes. All information provided by users will be used just for service, member management, and marketing, and if the purpose changes, we will ask you in advance. 1) Charging and accounting related to contact guarantee and offer service ① Providing contents, customized service ② Delivery goods / products ③ Verification on deal and service ④ Purchase, payment and refund, etc. 2) Member management ①Identification, personal identification for using membership service and limited identification ②Prevention of illegal users and unauthorized using ③ Check intention to sign, limit of sign and times ④ When collection personal information of children under 14 years, it is needed to intend whether he agree or not and verify from legal representative. ⑤ Records preservation, complain processing, delivery notice to dispute conciliation 3) Marketing / Advertising use ①Develop new service and provide customized service ②Offer service and advertisement according to statistical features, and check service validation ③Give information of event and advertisement and opportunity to attend ④Statistics on access frequency 3. We commit management to have seamless service for users. Users have the right to reject offering following information, and if you reject you can have limited benefits provided. 1) Assignor of private statements and Details - NICE Information Service Co., Ltd. : Real name authentication, Mobile phone real name authentication, and I-pin authentication - AXISSOFT: Requester’s name and Contact to handle Video CS - KG INICIS : Purchase information, Buyer name, Order number, e-mail, Address, Contact - KFTC : Mobile account transfer service 2) In cast that it is extremely hard to receive an agreement on getting personal information to implement the contract about offering service due to the reason that is about economical / technical 3) In case that it is necessary to follow the regulation-related legislations and there is demand from investigative agency in accordance with the fixed procedures and methods for investing purpose 4. Holding and use period In principle, personal information of users is destroyed without delay when we accomplish the purpose of collection and use. 1) Reason for holding information based on company policy - Holding items: Name, Birth date, Gender, ID, Number, Address, Phone number, Identification information from authorized institution - Holding basis: Prevention of contact assistance to investigation related to illegal users - Holding period: 1 year 2) Reason for holding information according to relevant laws and regulations If it is needed for the information to be held by relevant laws and regulations of consumer protection on commercial law and e-commerce, we will hold membership information for a certain period set by relevant laws and regulations. In this case, we hold the information for only the purpose of holding for following period. ① Record of contract or withdrawal Holding basis: Laws and regulations related to consumer protection on e-commerce Holding period: 5 years ② Record of payment and goods supply Holding basis: Laws and regulations related to consumer protection on e-commerce Holding period: 5 years ③ Record of consumer complaints or disputes Holding basis: Laws and regulations related to consumer protection on e-commerce Holding period: 3 years ④ Record of identity verification Holding basis: Laws and regulations regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information Holding period: 6 months ⑤ Record of visit web site Holding basis: Protection of communications secrets act Holding period: 3 months ⑥ Record of individual location information Holding basis: Laws and regulations regarding protection and use of individual location information Holding period: 1 year 5. Procedures and methods of destroying personal information In principle, personal information of users is destroyed without delay when we accomplish the purpose of collection and use. The procedures and methods of destroying personal information by company are as follows. 1) Suspension procedure The information provided by the member when signing will be saved for a certain period as we present (Holding and use period) and destroyed after achieving the purpose when you ask for withdrawal and some reasons. Personal information will be used only for holding purpose, except for laws. 2) Suspension method Printed personal information will be destroyed by technical way to keep the saved information that can be used at DB record and Electronic device from reproducing by shredding, incinerating. 6. Rights of users and legal representatives and way to exercise 1) Users and legal representatives can exercise their rights relating to personal information as follows at any time to the company ①Request for reading personal information ②Request for correction on error, etc ③ Requests for deletion ④ Request for suspending process 2) The exercise of rights under Section (1) can be done by written, e-mail, FAX through the customer center and we will take a step without delay. 3) In the case that users and legal representatives request correction on error and deletion, we will not use or provide any personal information until it is done. 4) The exercise of rights under Section (1) can be done through legal representatives or mandator. In this case, you must fill out and hand in the power of attorney. 5) We deal with the revoked and deleted information requested by users and legal representatives in accordance with , and it is not allowed to open and use the information in any other purposes. 7. Circumstances related to installation/operation or rejection on automatic personal information collecting device AXISSOFT CO., Ltd. records users’ data and uses ‘Cookie’ to provide customized service to each user. Cookie is the little information that HTTP used to operate web site sends user’s computer browser and is recorded on the hard disk of the user’s PC. 1) Purpose of using Cookie Cookie is used to provide optimized information for users by catching all services from AXISSOFT, the type of visit and use, Bookmark of video lecture, Top search word, Security access, News, Marketing and User size. 2) Installation, Operation and rejection of Cookie ①The users have the option to install cookie. Thus, users can allow the cookies, check whenever to save the cookies, or reject recording the cookie by setting options on web browser. ②Example of setting (Internet explorer: Tool at the top of web browser>Internet option>Personal information) ③However, if you reject recording the cookie, some services requiring log-in may be difficult in using. 8. Technological / Administrative protection measures of personal information. In dealing with user’s personal information, we consider the following technological and administrative countermeasures to ensure safety that can keep personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, tampered with or damaged. 1) Measures for hacking AXISSOFT CO., Ltd is doing our best to prevent personal information from being leaked and compromised by hacking and computer virus. We frequently back up the data for damaging, prevent it from being leaked and damaged by new vaccine program, and help securely transmit it through encoded communication on network. And we control unauthorized access from outside with firewalls and intrusion blocking system, and try to equip all technical devices to ensure security in other systems. 2) Minimize and educate related staff We give related staff who is especially in charge of personal information separate password, regularly renew it, and emphasize compliance with privacy statements at AXISSOFT through continuous education. However, if there is a problem caused by leaking personal information such as ID, password, resident registration number through user’s carelessness and problem on the internet, we will assume no responsibility regarding them. 9. Contacts of the chief officer in personal information protection department You can report all civil petitions related to personal information protection when using our service to the chief officer or personal information protection department. We will fully respond to the user’s complaints as fast as possible. Chief officer in personal information protection department Customer Support team Junheon Kim 02-717-3450 | webmaster@star Privacy manager Customer Support team Junsu Kim 02-717-3450 | webmaster@star If you need to report or consult on other infringement of personal data, please contact the institutions as follows. - Privacy Information Center ( / (Without an area code) 1336 ) - Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee ( http:// / 02-405-5150 ) - Cyber-criminal investigation department, Public Prosecutors’ Office ( / 02-3480-2480 ) - National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center ( / 02-3150-2659 ) 10. Duty of notify If there is addition, deletion, and revision of original privacy statements, we will notify all the things to you at ‘Notice’ section on the homepage at least 7days before the reform.

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