Introduce the best partner of AXISSOFT

  • We are AXISSOFT. CO, a universal integration media security company with world class technology.
  • AXISSOFT is specialized company in media security that holds developed solutions with world-class technology and professional service system. Also, AXISSOFT is a universal integration media security company that provides skills and services for security solutions-control-consulting with own capability.
  • In security solution field, we develop and provide security solution that is suitable for network environment including StarPlayer, the top HD player, On-line media security, Mobile security solution.
  • All solutions can be protected / blocked 24 hours, 365 days in every second by security control center by emergency response team. In service field, we have security control and security consulting.
  • Security control is the service to monitor and response for 24 hours so that customer can continuously operate IT infra. Security consulting is to check whether there are security vulnerabilities, present new countermeasure and suggest a method to maximize customer’s revenue.
  • AXISSOFT. CO is the company that has world-class technology and offers the best software in domestic media security industry.
    We have pioneered the market with the know-how of media security through realtime service on a large scale, and we maintain the leading position, showing the standard in medial security industry with steady sales growth. In addition, we enter the global market dynamically.


  • GS Neotek
  • CJ Systems
  • Hyundai Research Institute
  • Hyosung ITX
  • Mediopia
  • Eduplayer
  • SK Broadband
  • Jungbo NET
  • KT
  • LG U+